So how do you turn your dreams into reality ?

 This is something that comes up a lot towards the end of the year, but its something that we should be constantly focused on. How many people are looking at their dreams and their goals and just don’t really know how to make it happen?

 I think what we’ve got to look at, is there’s a few things that are really, really simple things that we could do to start to actually make that change , to start to take our dreams in the direction of reality.   I think all too commonly what what we do is we start thinking about the big picture and get overwhelmed!

 If you’re currently in a job you don’t like and you want to get a new job,  if you’ve got excess weight that you want to shift, or weight that you want to put on or anything else that you might want to achieve, quite commonly all we focus on is the end goal!

 And we find ourselves stuck in a loop of…

“How do how do I get there?”

“How do I get there its so far away and it’s going to take so much effort?”

 And I would say try not to focus so much on the end result , but think about the process!

You can achieve almost anything in life with a solid process and just believe that you’re going to get there, whether it takes a week , a month , a year , two years or even five years!

 Great questions to ask yourself are…

“Are the things that you want, your dreams and your goals?

  If you wanted to lose twenty kilos or thirty kilos , whatever it might be , would it be worth it ? If it took you five years to loose that weight, would that have been worth it even if it takes a while?

The answer , invariably , always is yes!

  Quite commonly , a lot of people are looking to leave their jobs or radically change their lives. And the question I commonly ask is.. “If it took you five years to make one hundred thousand dollars (or whatever your preferred amount is) working from home , would that be worth it to you?”

People generally always say Yes! that would be worth five years of my life , of putting in some time and effort to make a change in order for me to get from where I am now to working from home and not having to deal with my boss and with the people at work that you know that I don’t like that make me feel sad every day and that slowly suck away my self worth .

 Would that be worth it?

 I think we need to ask ourselves how much time am I willing to commit to in order to work towards my dreams?

 The very first step is to make that commitment to yourself !

 Will it be worth it? Because if it isn’t , then there’s no point starting because, all too commonly people say they want to achieve something, but really they don’t .

 The second step is to focus on the process!

As I said before , don’t be as focused or worried about the result. Think about the process! If I decided I wanted to walk from Perth to Sydney (that’s a long way).  If I focused on the result my though process would be “Oh , there is no way I can do that, that is a ridiculous distance” . However what I know is that if I simply just put one foot in front of the other and kept on walking I would get there!  

 But all too commonly  if we don’t get great results in three to six months,  we just give up!

  Life is unpredictable and you are going to have some great weeks and some not so good weeks and there will be times we will fall off the wagon! If you’ve had a couple of bad days, that’s fine. Just get back on the wagon and start again! Start repeating the process!

  You don’t have to go right back to the start, it’s not snakes and ladders!  Just keep repeating the process until you get there, with the belief that you will, in every single action that you take!  Every day is either taking us towards or away from our dreams!

  The third step is to reward yourself along the way!

Reward the small victories, if you’re starting a new business and you make a couple of hundred dollars.. well done!  Positive energy helps you grow!

 I  spoke to one of my friends recently and she’d lost six kilos or something and I was like , “That’s amazing!, You’ve done that in a couple of months, Imagine if you keep going at that for two years. That would equate to twenty kilos, you would lose! You be a changed person!”

 But what we’ve got to do is appreciate the small wins during the process that we make,  that’s how we build those dreams into a reality!

 Make that commitment to your goals, your hopes and your dreams,  commit and make it worth it and say I’m willing to commit to this for the next one, two, three or five years, whatever it be . And I’m willing to put the work in to bring my dreams to reality, because the outcome will be worth the price, then build your process .

 How do I build that process?

 Here are a few simple steps….

Every day do one thing that moves you closer to your goals!

It can be as simple or complicated as you choose…

Doing something positive, doing some learning and growing, learning some new skills, finding people that would be interested in your business, whatever it be!

 You find a process that works for you and just stick with it! And don’t forget to reward yourself along the way because every little bit of progress is progress you make!

 That’s it for now, you know the way to bring your dreams to reality… you commit, create a process, celebrate your wins!  Repeat and stick with it and do not give up , even if you have a couple of bad days,  stick with it! Remind yourself of your dreams!

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