Today. I just want to touch quickly on a subject about the opinions of others. This is a massive problem that I see with many people out there in the world these days. A lot of people in my team, people that I coach, are too often defined by what it is that other people think about them!

This could be your parents that said you were never going to amount to anything. This could be somebody that was at school when you were younger. that said, you were ugly, or you were rubbish at sport. It could be the teacher. that said you would never amount to anything.

And all too commonly, what happens is we become defined by the boxes our friends put us in!  

You think that you’ve got to act a certain way for all your life. You’ve got to be the guy who’s always drunk. You got to be the person that’s the clown, You’re the person that doesn’t go out and exercise. you’re the fun person, you’re the party person…. Whatever the mask it is that you wear….

What happens is these boxes, cage us in!

They stop us being able to progress forward, with our lives because what we feel like, is that we’ve always got to act up to this character type that has been set for us.

The thing is, playing these characters actually means that we sabotage ourselves.

We believe that we’re not worthy. We believe that we’re the person that should not be able to earn money. We believe that we’re the person that should not be successful. And commonly in relationships, I see a lot of people that believe they deserve to be treated badly.

I think it’s really important to look at what it is that we’ve got in our lives and realise that these characters, that we have are the ones making the decision as to how it is we are going to live our lives and say I am no longer going to live to this character!

 I am no longer going to let the opinions of others dictate how I live my life!  

 I am no longer going to allow people to put me into a box and keep me there when I could break free!

 Make the decision in your life to break free of those shackles and don’t allow other people’s opinions to put you in a box. Be who you want to be and get around the people that will inspire you and uplift you to be the best version of yourself.

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