Stop Putting Off Those Unfavourable Tasks

We often procrastinate when we are busy, dislike a task, or can’t think how to start. I know that I do this A LOT!!

I use some of the below tricks for getting myself going and on to more appealing tasks.

  • Break it into bite sized chunks. Attack the job as a series of small distinct tasks that can be completed in under 2 hours each.
  • Set Deadlines. Set a completion date that gives you a little breathing room from the actual deadline, so as to avoid allowing the added stress building up as the drop date approaches.
  • Finish up before you take a break. Have your focused couple of hours take you up to lunch time or home time and don’t leave until you finish; it’s amazing how this focuses the brain.
  • Remove distractions. When you’re not to excited about a task, it’s easy to keep checking phones, emails, and other such distractions. Switch them off, and knock the job off!
  • Get Help. Often it’s difficult to get started when you have no previous experience in performing the task at hand. Ask for help or find a document etc from which you can take guidance to get you going.

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