I often hear analogies used that liken the life of an entrepreneur to that of a farmer, and the more I think about it. I think that it’s true.

I we want to run a business that will provide the life that we dream of for our family, then we have to show the same level of dedication that a farmer does.

You see, the preparation cycle for a farmer starts month in advance. Way before they every get out to plant their first seeds.

For preparation, a farmer has to attend conferences to find out about the latest techniques. They have to ensure that all of their machinery is serviced. And they have to have everything ready so that they can start to plant the seed, the minute the perfect day comes around.

The other thing that a farmer has is persistence. Which we sometimes fail to have. The persistent farmer has to be out there, rain or shine, ensuring that they are doing their daily activities. If a farmer doesn’t do his daily activities, they there is a good likelihood that the crop will be spoilt by bad weather or by animals.

Then other than that, they just have to have total faith that by following the process. At the end of a few months, they’ll have some brilliant food that they can harvest and provide to their customers.

As home based entrepreneurs, times can be tough. It can be lonely. We can feel unsupported. It it can see like forever that we’ve been working without the pay that we think that we deserve. Maybe we spend too much time preparing, and we fail to be persistent.

The important thing to remember, it that for most of us we have it relatively easy. We don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn in the rain and the cold. And we don’t have a mad rush for planting and for harvest, in order to ensure that crops are planted in the ideal time window!

It’s very easy to get bogged down in thinking that life is hard. But what I have come to understand that as long as we prepare ourselves with the skills that allow us to operate our business; we stick to the process that we have decided;  and we do the things that derive the most value, we are almost always going to have a wonderful harvest.

If we have a dream. If we just have a little faith and believe in what we are doing, whilst knowing that we are doing eveything that is needed to make the crops of our businesses grow. Then one day we will truly have the life that we’ve always dreamed of!

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