Personal Development is about collaboration and mentors

All the top business leaders say that if you’re the smartest person in your team, then you’re in trouble. But how do you go about working with people smarter than yourself?

This is an especially important question for those of us who are trying to build a life that we dream of. In order to make progress, it is essential to find mentors and business partners!

So here’s my tips:

  • Try not to feel inadequate? You may be the only person who is thinking about this subject. Just keep to the task a hand and push for the benefits of working together.
  • Ask questions. Anyone who is worth working with will happily answer questions, and help you out. Be sure to speak to people and try to gain as much knowledge as possible. Within reason of course.
  • Two way feedback. Don’t try to act like an expert in everything. Especially if you’re not. Let the successful people know that you value their opinions and feedback and utilise their knowledge for personal development. But don’t be afraid to raise your opinions too, you could just maybe come up with the best idea in a while!
  • Work to your strengths, but try new things. Allow people to do what they’re good at, whilst you concentrate on your strong points. Don’t try to do everything just to prove yourself. It’s always best to work as a team. But always try to take on tasks that also allow you to push yourself and to ask those around you for help and advice.
  • Remain confident, but not cocky. Try not to show people that you’re a little bit intimidated by them. But also beware of coming across as cocky, especially in areas that may not be your strong point. This can make you look like one of those ‘know it all’, ‘been there done that’, ‘I’m amazing’ kind of guys that smart people can see through instantly.

The thing to remember is that no matter what level we are in life, we will always need strong mentors and partners. If we want to move ourselves out of our current situation and into the place that we want to be, working with and learning from successful people is something that we just have to do. So these are great skills to learn!

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