Lean Online Marketing By Dave Cottam

Do you know what the future can hold? It’s a pretty open ended question. But in my mind, it can be whatever you want to to be!

People have always thought that I was crazy for saying that I was going to be retired before I was fifty, but more recently I have decided that I’ll be able to decide whether to continue working or not before I’m 40! I always knew that I would create a successful business, but since I found Six Figure Mentors, I can see how the next few years will allow me to purchase and pay off the houses that I need to provide me a passive income for the rest of my life. The added bonus is that Six Figure Mentors will also provide a residual income too, even once I’ve done all the investing I need to do!

I think that we all agree on the fact that money is important, but too many people work a job that they hate, just to pay the bills, to live the lifestyle that they’ve become accustomed to. Fortunately I like my job, but it is never going to pay the money that I need to be financially free and to spend REAL quality time with my family!

Luckily I came across the famous author Robert Kiyosaki (who wrote the book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’). What they taught me was that I had been living my life with a poor persons mentality that believed in job security, working your way up the ladder for a bigger salary and saving money instead of borrowing good debt.

I also read the book The 4 Hour Word Week, by Timothy Ferriss, which loosely explains the technique that Tim used to create an online scalable, automated business. This allowed him to work very little and to do it from anywhere in the world!

After reading these books, I set to work figuring out how I could replicate both the financial model explained by Kiyosaki,and the digital business model described by Ferriss. And that’s when I found SFM!

I can honestly say that SFM has accelerated my learning of how to operate an online business by what I can only imagine will be years! It has also put me in contact with a community of people who are all in the same boat, and really try to help each other succeed!

And most importantly, it’s allowing me to help others to build their dreams, whilst providing me with the much needed extra funds to help me build the property portfolio that I so truly desire!

So why not invest some of your time learning new skills and building a business that earns you a passive income so that you can finally stop working for it and retire much sooner rather than later??

Have a great week 🙂

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