Choose to Choose You!

So today I’m talking about one of my favourite subjects… Choose to Choose You. What’s made me think about this is that I recently spent time with some friends as a lady that we know unfortunately passed away a week or so ago.

So we got together and reflected, spent some time having a little reflection on her and talked about life in general. It got me to thinking about how much time we spent not doing the things that we really want to do!

How much time we spend worrying about what other people will think!

Being scared to do something that we really want to do for fear of failure!

Using excuses like “we don’t have enough money” or saying that “we don’t have enough time”!

I think it’s so important when you look around you and see how many people are getting sick!

How many people are in unhappy relationships!

How many people are in jobs that they hate, where they’re mistreated, where the given no opportunity, or where they’re bullied!

And yet so many people don’t take action to change their situation!

We live in a place of fear! Or commonly it’s connection or attachment, that’s keeps us there!

If its negative and making us unhappy, it’s not helping our health, it’s raising our stress levels. It’s not helping our mental health. It’s taking us backwards!

We are spiralling down!

Tony Robbins talks a lot about that. You’re either spiralling up in life and you’re moving towards your hopes and your dreams, and you’re energized… or you are spiralling down.

There really is no neutral.  

The longer we stay in relationships that we don’t like. The longer we stay in the jobs that we don’t like. The longer we stay doing things that make us unhappy… the more we are on that downward spiral, which leads to misery, poor finance, mental health issues.. the list goes on and on.

And that’s why we see more and more of these things today because we less and less follow our dreams. We’re trapped by our finances and our debt where people stay in relationships because they can’t afford to leave.

We stay where we aren’t comfortable for fear of the unknown. Secure in the knowledge that we at least know where we are isn’t good… but what if the alternative may be worse??

All these things that we do mean that we’re not following our heart.

I ask the question…. What if by making a change, all your dreams came true??

The reason I say choose to choose you, is because until we stop and make that choice, to make us the most important thing in our life! Until we make that choice to make the smallest actions every single day towards our dreams, to start in some way, moving towards our goals and our dreams we haven’t chosen ourselves!

As you step, and you take one good step in the one right direction, one good step leads to another, leads to another. And what we’ve got to not expect is that change will come overnight. Change doesn’t happen immediately in life; it takes time and it takes patience and whatever it is that you want. If it’s good health, that comes from every decision you make with regards to the food that you put in your mouth. Every decision you make every day to move your body, to meditate, to breathe, to drink water every single day.

So commonly we say that we don’t have time… but everybody’s only got 24 hours in a day. It’s how you choose to use yours that’s important!

It’s so important, to look at our lives and look around and see how it is we spend our time! If you sit every single night and watch a couple of hours of TV, which most people do.. Is that benefitting your life?

I love to unwind like everyone else, but what I do is I try and do something productive and I’ll stretch while I’m watching TV or I’ll tinker around with my website or I’ll do something for a bit of that time so as to not waste a whole hour looking at the tele box.

Every single day, if we just make small choices; to eat a little bit better, to move a little bit more. If you want better relationships, plan to go out with your husband or your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend. Go out and spend some time together, not drinking, not with the TV on, talk or go for a walk!

Choose you. Put yourself first. Start to take those steps so that the things that are making you unhappy, you do less of them… and the things that make you happy, you do more of them!

Choose to Choose You! And make the changes in your life because life’s short and every single day we spend where we’re not happy, where we’re unfulfilled, is a day wasted and you never get those days back!

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