Today I’m talking about the hustle and it really got me thinking about putting in an extra ten percent. Can you put in an extra ten percent into your day?  

I like to use the analogy of when I played lacrosse in the England team and how a lot of us would run and we called ourselves the Blue Division and what that meant was we were with guys that were running in the front.  Now I’m not particularly the fastest runner in the world. I’m not particularly quick. I probably don’t have great endurance compared to a lot of all the others but I never, ever allowed myself to be one that was running in the back or even in the middle.

I always had the mindset that I was going to be in front and I always had the mind set that I was only there. We would only do that training or that exercise for half an hour or so, so I was determined to get the very most out of it as I could!

Would it feel slightly uncomfortable? Of course!

Was I pushing myself?  Yes I did!

Are you willing to do the extra ten percent?

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Can you do ten percent more? You know whether that be in the gym, whether that be at home, whether it’s with your diet, Can you have a bit less sugar? Can you have a bit less dairy? Can you have a little bit less meat? Can you drink a little bit less during the week?

You don’t necessarily have to make huge changes to your life if it’s with your business! Can you make ten percent more calls? Can you go out ten percent more? Can you make a little bit more effort? Can you be a little bit more enthusiastic? Can you show a bit more passion?

No matter what you’re doing, wherever you can, you just need to do ten percent more than what you’re doing now!

Ten percent more won’t necessarily seem like a lot of extra effort! Ten percent more won’t initially seem like its creating a massive amount of extra benefit!

But the improvement that ten percent can make day by day, bit by bit!

And that’s how you progress! Whatever is that you want to do. Can you do ten percent more?

It’s very, very simple! Day by day, bit by bit, piece by piece!

 Just grow your abilities, improve yourself!

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