Are you providing value in your business?

This is really important! and something that I think all too commonly, kind of goes by the wayside. We feel like we’re providing value in the products that you sell, or the value in the vision of your company. But my question is, are you personally providing value?

Something that I think quite commonly that goes by the wayside, especially for people in, the network marketing and MLM direct sales industries. You may see all of the people around you who, are playing the game of, going out, chasing for customers and prospects, the show people the product, show people the opportunity, show people the video tape of people in meetings scenario. But more commonly what happens is that we’re not giving people enough real value.

When you look around at a lot of the people in business that are around you, those who are doing well, you’ll find that quite commonly they’ve got a service, or they’ve got a big database from somewhere before. The reason why these people who, have a service do well is because they have built up that position of credibility. People trust them, so they buy the products and they join the business and that’s how they ended up having a great, great business.

Are you providing that level of value by which people will trust and buy from you and it will allow you to engage that relationship over time?

Or are you just, doing what you need to in order to get the sale?

Which is generally what happens and for most people, it can be become very demoralizing when people are avoiding your calls or don’t message you back!

This doesn’t help you build your business and it’s certainly isn’t the great vision that was shown when you joined the business! You got into the business with the promise of, owning all this extra cash, having time and freedom, retiring with your partner!

And that’s the very opposite to the, tens or hundreds of hours that you have put in so far and you’re not managing to get many sales, not managing to build the team and the team that you have built has fallen away and not only are they building but they are also not growing their business and eventually they leave!

You may be asking yourself, well, I’m not someone who’s a practitioner, I’m not a personal trainer, hairdresser or a makeup artist! How do I add value?

The key thing is, is to try!

The very first thing is to try, even if you’re not a full-on expert, you can provide some form of service. Most people don’t wake up in the morning looking to buy a product. People wake up in the morning with an issue, they have a problem, or some people don’t even know they’ve got a problem. So, the trick is to present them with something that may be of benefit to them, that will help solve their problem.

What is it that you can do within your business that provides value to people and quite commonly it’s a service!

It’s providing information. It’s helping to take away the thought process that is involved in making a purchasing decision, using a product or engaging with a service!

People still go to travel agents, even though you can book all your holidays for cheaper online. Why do some people still go to travel agents? Because they like the service!

The products that you may sell, especially if you’re in direct sales, quite commonly are more expensive than you can buy in the shops. So even if you provide a really good service, there’s still that potential and it happens to me all the time where you’re provided a brilliant service, you give someone loads of information, they might even be a good friend, you’ve told them all about your product, they think it’s great…. Then what happens?

You get price shopped!! They go out, they look somewhere else. They look on the Internet, they find your product, and buy it cheaper on eBay.  Or they go to the chemist and see a product that they consider to be the same and they go and buy that one because it’s cheaper! That is always going happen.

But, from a value perspective, start to look and see, how is it that you can start to provide something of value to your audience?

How is it that you can be of service to your audience?

For instance, most people might be selling health products or skin care or something like that. It’s really easy to provide some form of a service in those industries. Skincare is really easy. go and give them a facial, give them a consult, let them try the product, make their skin look nice, give them a bit of a pamper.

Everybody wants that!  If you were to call up a hundred of your girlfriends and ask them, hey, would you like me to give you a free facial? How many would say No?

This allows to you hone your skills and build a little bit of a client base as a skin consultant, I give you a free facial and see if you like it, you give me some feedback! I’d imagine you’d be looking at 20% of people will probably say “yeah, I’d love that”. And then what have you done? You have created exposure and you have provided value. When you create exposure, some of those people may purchase because in the cosmetics industry, the majority of sales happen by sampling and by demonstration.

And Yes, that’s going to be a cost to you, but you are a business. You do need to have some costs!

From a health side of things, what could you do to tell people be healthy? And again, add value! People buy from companies or buy from people that they know, like, and trust. So, say if you’ve got a weight loss product, people are buying from you because it’s you. There are a thousand other weight loss products out there and probably a lot of them are cheaper than the ones you’re selling, because the chemists sell these things really cheap. So, one, you’ve got to be able to explain to people why yours is better, which takes a little bit of time. But two, if you provide a service, people are more likely to try it and also more likely to buy. Most importantly, when they get a little bit of commitment from you because you’re giving them something, they’re more likely to stay.

So, what value could you give?

Could you do cooking lessons? Could you put together a challenge?

If you have a team, do a challenge and you can facilitate it. Now can you have a Facebook group that provides some, support to people where you can put recipes on where you can, where you can communicate with people, what things can you do within your business, within the sphere of your product than relate to your product, where you can give a value add? Because the big thing is most people aren’t waking up needing a product. And in order to introduce yourself, to introduce them to your product, you need to provide a service.

Think to yourself about how you make a purchasing decision? Think about the adverts that you’ve clicked on and how you’ve gone through, think of the products that you’ve bought and the journey you’ve gone on and how it is that you’ve actually engaged and purchased from those companies. And at the end of the day, the way in which you’ve liked to be treated as a prospective customer? Who are the people you actually use as service providers and why it is that you stay with them and potentially pay a bit more than you could with other people? Why is it you do that and try and replicate that within the realms of your business.

For every company and for every industry, this is applicable. Yes, it takes time! Yes, it may take a little bit of investment! And yes, it may not align with the hundred thousand dollars a year income that you were told that you could earn within three months!

Just because you’ve been shown someone in a testimonial who earnt that much, I can almost guarantee the people that got shown in those testimonials didn’t earn it that quick from a standing start if they’ve never had a company before, they’ll have some kind of back history that they’ve leveraged to build it. Business takes time unfortunately. And the investment in people, relationships, your brand and your database are, what will grow your business over time.

I absolutely promise you, and I can say this because this is how I’ve built my business! Some people took two or three years to buy from us, but they did. And they’re the people who refer the most. They’ve joined multiple businesses we are involved in, and realistically, that investment of time and not being in such a rush to earn money is a worthwhile investment. At the end of the day, if it was that easy to earn money, everybody would be doing it. And the reason only 3% or whatever it is, make it in business, in home-based business, direct sales, network marketing affiliation, is patience, and not going after the get rich quick cause.

People spend five, 10 years jumping to different companies trying to get a fix on the get rich quick scheme, if they had just stayed in one and actually became an expert and a specialist in that field, they’d probably be successful. Learn a skill, provide value, keep providing value, make yourself a person of expertise in your industry. And, over time when you’ve got the credibility, the skills, the network, everything will come for you.

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