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With my interest in Self Improvement and Health & Fitness, I spend a lot of time discussing these subjects; and have noticed recently that despite reading books, watching videos, listening to audios, and getting great advice, many of us are managing to come up with brilliant ideas of how to make positive changes to our lives; we even talk about it with our friends, but then we sometimes struggle to break the bad habits or turn them into value for ourselves.

Sound familiar?

So I thought I’d write a quick post on this.

Now I’m a bit of a serial consumer of the above forms of information, and conversely to some, I wouldn’t in any way say to stop consuming good information until ideas from the last book have been implemented; I would however say that it is hugely important to make to regularly implement one or two things into our daily routines until it becomes a habit, then add a few more.

Therefore, whether it’s for better health, professional development, or self improvement; here are the things that I do to get some actual and immediate value from those GREAT IDEAS:

  1. Make Notes
    • My memory definitely can’t be trusted. I take notes on all of the books, audios, videos, webinars etc that I watch so that I can quickly recap the content. (I store notes and make To Do lists using the app for www.evernote.com)
  2. Use Your To Do List
    • I’m big on lists. My most important list is my daily To Do list on which I put the few key things to complete that day. If I am trying to create a new habit, I write the action(s) that I want the remember to do at the top of my list every day (or I add it to my weekly schedule etc) and repeat until it becomes habit. Then replace with new ones.
  3. Involve Others
    • I tell other people what I am trying to achieve. Other people will help to keep me accountable, maybe stop being their usual bad influence, and maybe even get involved too and make my goal their own also.
  4. Don’t Try To Eat The Whole Elephant
    • Start small and do things that are relatively easy to do on a daily and weekly basis. Things that require a bit more effort are great as long term goals, but I try and pick the small things (1 percenters) that will keep stepping me towards those goals and will facilitate getting some quick and regular wins.
  5. Don’t Give Up
    • You’ve never failed until you give up!! If I forget to do something, have a slip, or blatantly disregard my goals for a day (even a few days), I don’t worry, everybody does it, I get back on the horse and start taking that positive action again.

The main thing here is to:

  1. Hear a great idea
  2.  Note it down
  3. Take action to incorporate it into your life ASAP
  4. Use a technique to remind you
  5. Just take ACTION! 🙂

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