Explode your Business in 10 Days! 

Take advantage of the current 80% Discount!!

In this 10 Part Video Series, I will guide you through my proven “Massive Action” formula for MASSIVE GROWTH in your business.

Explode your Business in 10 Days! 

Take advantage of the current 80% Discount!!

In this 10 Part Video Series, I will guide you through my proven “Massive Action” formula for MASSIVE GROWTH in your business.

Who is Dave Cottam?

Dave Cottam is an inspiring business owner and success coach. He is the director of a number of successful small businesses in the health, direct sales, and social media space. His proudest achievement is his total as a 2 time European Gold Medal winner for the English National Lacrosse Team, he certainly knows a thing or two about hard work, and winning.

Dave is a prolific student, which led him to become frustrated with the coaching industry and its model of upselling courses without providing tangible results and its culture of keeping students in a cycle of continually getting ready to be ready. He has therefore spent the last few years formulating a methodology for how small business owners

can run their businesses successfully, whilst also ensuring that they are maintaining the ethics and integrity that ensures the development of a strong professional brand. From this journey, Lifestyle by Laptop was born.

Dave’s passion for life is infectious, and he has a bold plan to improve the lives of millions of business owners around the world the world with a simple, honest, high action approach to branding, marketing, and sales.


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Grow your business whatever your time, lifestyle, or budget.

Break through the barriers that are holding you back in your business!

Build your personal brand to attract your dream clients!

Create a focused plan to take the extreme action that will drive you to success!

Dave’s live events, one-on-one coaching program, training systems and group workshops will help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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Choose to Choose You!
So today I’m talking about one of my favourite subjects… Choose to Choose You. What’s made me think about this is that I recently spent time with some friends as a lady that we know unfortunately passed away a week or so ago.
So we got together and reflected, spent some time having a little reflection on her and talked about life in general. It got me to thinking about how much time we spent not doing the things that we really want to do! Read More..

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Inside my daily life…



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Dave Cottam is just awesome. He is a great coach and has assisted me in finding a vision for myself. He is supportive, smart, optimistic motivator. Please, listen to him, and learn..

Jodi Bramwell

Some things happen for a reason and Dave and I meeting is one of those. Since I’ve met Dave he’s helped me in so many ways. My business growth, my personal growth and spiritual growth.

He is an absolute visionary and I’m very grateful and happy to be going on the journey with him.

I’m proud to call him my mentor and friend and I know working with him is going to bring abundance in all areas of my life and the life of my family and for that I say

Thank you Dave.

Dylan Hammond

Fate played a huge part in me meeting Dave and am I glad for fate!!!
Dave has not only change my life but he has changed my outlook on life
He’s made me a better person and a better mother!!
He’s an inspirational teacher, a kind and generous spirit and he knows just how to get you to see your full potential
He is everything you want in a mentor and a friend
His support shows no bounds, his love for life and health drives you to want so much more for myself and my family and he motivates me every day to wake up and make my dreams come true

Beck Hamlin

One of the most inspirational people I have spoken to in the online world, glad to be partnered up with you legend!

Anthony Di Bella